Pictures from MIE 2011 last day

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Video from Village of the Future session

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More pictures from Monday at MIE 2011

See Karl Øyri’s pictures fromMIE 2011;  Monday and Tuesday  in Picasa.

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Images from Tuesday 30th of August

EFMI Past President of Jacob Hofdijk has taken a number of pictures during the MIE 2011 event. The album with pictures from Tuesday 30th of August is available here>>>

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MIE 2011 Song on youTube

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Social Media WG Workshop Report

The IMIA Social Media WG held a successful workshop at MIE2011 on 30 August, 2011. An additional report will be provided on the SMWG website (, but below are a few observations.

The presenters (Peter Murray, Chris Paton, Margaret Hansen and Luis Luque) provided an overview of social media and Web 2.0, the background to and purpose of the WG, and some examples of the use of social media, including via mobile platforms such as iPad, from their own experiences and current activities and research.

The purpose of the workshop was mainly to raise discussion and questions; among the issues raised were
– how do we study/evaluate social media?
– why does social media matter to healthcare? what examples are thee of use at present?
– what types of tools might be needed – eg should there be a ‘wikipedia for health’? – or should we ‘ride the wave’ of current successful platforms and not try to reinvent the wheel?
– can we use social media to cut down time from research to publication? – eg move from ‘peer review’ to a crowd-sourced model?
– how do we define ‘success’ in terms of social media? – what if ‘low quality’ contributions get more views/hits than the high quality ones; is this ‘success’?
– information overload – how to deal with this whether we are patients or professionals? – how do we identify ‘quality’ especially when, for example, rating care and interaction with health professionals?

A follow-on panel will be presented at the Medicine 2.0’11 conference in Stanford, CA, USA in mid September. It will build on this discussion and explore these and other issues to develop the first stage of the research agenda or roadmap.

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EU Workshop

On tuesday Oslo Medthech in collaboration with MIE 2011 arranged a workshop inviting Norwegian and international researchers, R&D institutions, companies and innovation projects to take part in the workshop. Beniot Abeloos (picture) from th EU Commision IS & Media DG informed about relevant programs in EU with funding for research. Several other initiatives and institution presented during the session including Research Council of norway, Convergence by Christian Lovis, Erik Fosse from The Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital and Morten Dæhlen from the Institute of Informatics at University of Oslo.

After the break a “speed dating” session for the WS participants was set up to stimulation networking and collaboration among the attending delegates.

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