MIE 2011 App

Are you attending the XXIII International Conference of the European Federation for Medical Informatics in Oslo, Norway? Then you can benefit from all features that the Conference Compass offers. The application will most likely run on your own phone, even if it is a simple one, and you can get it for free! So we hope you will make maximum use of it. Download here: http://www.conference-compass.com/mie11/

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IMIA General Assembly on August 28

The IMIA General Assebly  is now taking place from 8-13.30 at the conference venue. The meeting is led by Prof. Dr. Antoine Geissbuhler. Various reports from IMIA activities around the world  are presented. This includes regional and work group activities. Finally the bids for MIE 2015 will be presented by the candidates from China and Brazil. About 70 persons are expected to appear for the GA.

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See and download the MIE 2011 Final Programme

The Final programme is available at MIE2011.or from the URL: http://www.mie2011.org/index-filer/Page343.htm

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MIE 2011 Presenters Manual

The manual is a collection of usefull and important information for all presenters as speakers, chairs/co-chairs, poster presenters, and MIE2011 supporting staff.

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Information for presenters

Detailed information will be available from www.mie2011.org shortly.

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Blogging MIE2011

Welcome to the MIE 2011 Blog. A group of volunteers will blog from various events during the conference that takes place from August 28-31 in Oslo, Norway. The conference can be found on the URL http://www.mie2011.org. The local host of the conference is Norwegian Society for Medical Informatics (www.fdh.no).
The objective behind the MIE 2011 Blog is to share knowledge and information during the event with those who for various reasons do not attend the conference. At the same time it will serve as post-event repository of information.
Karl Øyri

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